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Are you ready to love what you are cooking and eating?

The Cooking Crew has been specifically designed with those in mind who are looking to eat a little healthier without sacrificing taste or diversity. I’m committed to helping you get excited for what you are eating each week and take the guessing game and trouble out of meal planning.


How does it work?

Every Friday members will receive the menu for the upcoming week. 


It will consist of 5 recipes; 4 meals and a snack/sweet treat. A look at a glance of the photos and names of recipes will be posted to the RR cooking crew Instagram page! By logging into your active account you will have access to the grocery list and full detailed recipes. 


Over the weekend you can get your groceries, and prep some of the things in advance if that’s your thing! 

Throughout the week I’ll post Instagram stories and tips of the different recipes and be available to help with any questions you have.


If you post your recipes, be sure to tag #rrcookingcrew so I can see all your recipes come to life! 


Members that have cancelled their subscription will still have access to the free Cooking Crew Staples.


Why did I start the Cooking Crew?

I started The Cooking Crew because of the passion I have for cooking, especially for others. Nothing lights me up more than seeing someone enjoy my food.


Sadly, I can't do that for everyone (believe me, I wish I could) so, I wanted to create a space that felt almost as if I was. A space to share my recipes, tips and cooking style to get people and their families eating real, whole foods that *actually* taste good.


I believe healthy does not have to be boring and bland, it should be satisfying and something we look forward to, not dread. Cooking is one of the greatest expressions of love, for others and yourself too!


We all have to eat, right? In my opinion, why not make each time an experience?


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We're so excited to have you!


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